About Us

About Us

Our Story

If you could live anywhere in the world for one month, where would it be?

For us, the answer always revolved around cities and regions known for their food and culture. And that’s how Stay Awhile was born.

We create international food experiences because we believe food connects us to people, places, and moments in time in a way that nothing else can.

With remote work becoming the new normal, we wanted to take this idea and give everyone the chance to live out their dream abroad.

What We Do

Stay Awhile is a remote work and travel program for food lovers. We make it easy for people to experience new cultures through slow travel and authentic food experiences.

We provide month-long stays in the best food cities around the globe. Each stay comes with accommodation, a professional workspace, and one-of-a-kind authentic food experiences.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people around the world through travel, food, and by creating unforgettable life experiences.

We believe that life is to be enjoyed. While work is an important part of life, we adopt the philosophy that we work to live, not live to work.

As such, we want to provide everyone with an international experience of their own, to take the time to get to know a place, and to make the most of remote work.

Meet The Founders

Hi! We are Colin and Jenoa, and we are the founders of Stay Awhile. 

In 2019, we set out to travel the world for one year and loved every minute of it. 

It was on our world tour that we became advocates of slow and intentional travel. Often, we are in such a rush to see everything in a short amount of time that we miss out on the depth of the culture.

We wanted to create experiences that give you new perspectives on cultures and the time to get to really know a place. 

We believe that one of the best ways to get to know a culture is through its food! We are obsessed with learning about, cooking, and tasting foods from around the world, which is why all of our stays are focused on local gastronomy!

We can’t wait to meet on our stays!