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The 5 Best Food Cities in Europe

Have you ever wanted to go on a food-cation for the sole purpose of eating? We’ve thought about this a lot, and we’d love to visit the best food cities in Europe and eat our hearts out.  Funny enough, the … Read More

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What’s it actually like traveling and working abroad? Here’s a glimpse.

Ah, travel – that wonderful whirlwind of city-hopping, sightseeing, and endless racing to make sure you don’t miss your reservation at the restaurant in town. At least, that’s how many European getaways unfold as you try to pack four weeks … Read More

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Food in Bologna, Italy: 6 Best Foods to Eat

Italy arguably has some of the best food in the world. From risotto in Milan to carbonara in Rome and granitas in Sicily, the entire country is a food lover’s paradise.  For us, Italy is the ultimate food destination. When … Read More

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