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Basque Country

Explore the French and Spanish Basque Country while learning about the culinary customs in the region.

Examples of activities: 

  • A chocolate tour in Bayonne, France
  • Hiking in the Spanish Highlands while tasting cheese and cider from a local family’s farm
  • Tasting pintxos while exploring San Sebastian, Spain

Italian Cooking in Tuscany

Spend time in the Tuscan countryside learning how to cook like an Italian.

Examples of activities:

  • Learn how to make pasta and other Italian dishes from scratch
  • Go on guided day trips to nearby towns
  • Eat at several hand-picked restaurants

Baking in a French Chateau

Live like a chatelaine in the French countryside all while learning how to bake the French classics.

Examples of activities: 

  • Explore and taste your way through the nearby markets 
  • Learn how to make several types of French pastries (croissants, eclairs, macarons, and more) 
  • Eat at several hand-picked restaurants

One Month in Bologna, Italy

Learn to live like a local in one of Italy’s most beloved cities. Discover the rich flavors that put Bologna at the top of any foodie’s bucket list.

Examples of activities:

  • Visit a local dairy to learn about the production of Italy’s king of cheese – Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Gelato tasting tour of Italy’s – and thereby the world’s best gelato.
  • Eat at several hand-picked restaurants
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