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Trip Overview

Home to world-renowned pâtisseries and delicious boulangeries, Paris is a dream destination for any baker. On this 9-day baking tour of Paris, we’ll spend our days learning how to bake French pastry with a classically trained pastry chef.

From madeleines to croissants, we’ll taste the very best pastry Paris has to offer while learning how to perfect them in our own baking. Every aspect of this 9-day small-group tour revolves around the techniques, flavors, and ingredients that make Paris the creme de la creme of pastry.

Like all of our experiences, we believe that food is the best way to experience new cultures, and there is no better place to experience patisserie than in the City of Lights. 


  • Learn to bake French pastry from a professional pastry chef
  • Go on a full day e-bike experience tasting Champagne in the countryside
  • Enjoy a food tour in the Marais district tasting chocolate and cheese.


Bonjour Paris!

First things first, let’s check into our hotel, drop off our bags, and freshen up from day of travel.

Next, we will head over to one of our favorite Parisian restaurants for our first group dinner. This is a perfect time to get to know the other people in our group, as well as our pastry chef, and chat about our plans for the upcoming week. 

If you arrive earlier in the morning, you will have the whole day to explore Paris before dinner, and can drop off your bags at the hotel.

Meals included: Dinner

Let the baking begin! As a rule of thumb, we believe that in order to bake incredible pastry, one must first taste incredible pastry. 

We’ll begin our day with a morning pastry tour lead by our resident pastry chef, Jennifer Pogmore. She’ll take us to a few of her favorite pâtisseries to sample a variety of fun, unique, and of course, delicious French pastries.

Next, we’ll pick up some items for a build-your-own-baguette picnic in the park. Jennifer will dive into French flavors and what makes a true baguette sandwich. 

Afterwords, we will make our way to the baking studio for our first baking lesson: French Pastry Essentials. 

Once we’ve wrapped up with our first class, the rest of the afternoon is yours.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Today, we will learn how to make choux pastry! From profiteroles to eclairs and gougères, choux pastry is one of the most versatile pastries.

You will spend the morning learning how to make the iconic chocolate eclair stuffed with a delicious chocolate cream.

After the course, we will enjoy a light lunch in the baking studio.

You will have the rest of the day to wander the beautiful streets of Paris.

Meals included: Breakfast, light lunch

We have been going hard so far, so we are giving you the day to see and do whatever you like! 

Whether that’s visiting Versailles to see the opulent chateau and gardens, getting lost in the Louvre, taking a stroll along the Seine, or booking a tea time at one of Paris’ grand hotels, the day is yours.

Jennifer will be offering an optional baking class for anyone interested. 

Meals included: Breakfast

Today is all about the Opera Cake. After breakfast, we’ll head over to the kitchen where Jennifer will instruct us on how to make one of France’s most cherished cakes.

During the class, we’ll focus on creating rich flavor mixed with beautiful presentation.

Afterwards, we will indulge in homemade quiches and tarts prepared by Jennifer for a light lunch.

After lunch, we’ll give you the rest of the day to do with as you please.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

When life gives you lemons, we prefer to make tarte au citron (although, let’s be honest, we’ll take both!)

In today’s baking class we’ll tackle a recipe as quintessentially French as berets. 

The tarte au citron is the perfect balance between tart and sweet.

Following the course, we hand the time back to you to explore the history, art, and magic of Paris.

Meals included: Breakfast

This morning you will be touring the Saint-Germain district with a local food expert. They will take you to some iconic and delicious shops to taste everything from chocolates and cheeses to delicious cured meats before ending at a wine cellar for a tasting.

But the day isn’t over yet! Later in the evening, we will meet up at the baking studio for a puff pastry class! What are we making? Croissants of course! 

Jennifer will be teaching you how to make the classic, buttery croissant and pain au chocolate. After the class, we will make delicious sandwiches with our freshly made croissants paired with fresh salads for dinner. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Our last full day together! To make the most of it, we’ll take a trip to a charming local market to pick up produce for today’s baking class: the Fraisier – a delicious cake filled with strawberries and cream.

Following the class, we’ll give you some free time to see the sights still on your personal bucket list. 

Later in the evening, we will gather for our last group meal at a Parisian hot-spot to enjoy a meal, drinks, and good company.

Meals included: Breakfast, dinner

We’ll start the day off with breakfast at the hotel before saying our goodbyes to the group.

Time to return home or to your next destination!

À bientôt!

Meals included: Breakfast

*The itinerary is subject to change.